07 June 2012

Breakfast in the berry patch

"what a beautiful morning!" some things look more interesting in italian

Strawberries are finishing the season with their sweet finale, and the raspberries are just beginning to ripen at my parents(in-law)'s small farm. I like to meander over there and take advantage of the situation as often as possible. Being in possession of such goodness makes one feel that life is rich indeed.


  1. MMMMMmmmm those raspberries look delicious!! I love to eat them plain like that or in a Cobbler!!

  2. Lucky you! Fresh berries all summer. Love your photos. You definatley have an eye for photography.

  3. Beautiful berries! These shots look like a Martha Stewart Living summer spread. She would be jealous.

  4. I know jealousy is an ugly thing, but those berries are pretty beautiful, and so it's hard... :) Love it!


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