What makes you feel alive?

As much as I love it, sometimes all this living feels like it's just too much for me and I think it would be really amazing to just "please stop the world and let me off".
Since that is not possible, I suppose I did that by taking a leave of absence from a few pretty important things. Among them, I quit posting here. I also quit my running and yoga routine (not advised!).
It's been good to take a break but i'm ready to be back at it. 
All of it! Running makes me feel alive; writing reminds me of why I'm alive and brings new discoveries that would otherwise be undetected.
The photos above are just a few good things from the past few weeks... a bowl of tomatoes from my mother-in-law... mums and pumpkins at the produce auction as far as you can see... In the midst of the corn harvest here on the farm this week... a perfect Sunday afternoon with Basil the goat tilling up the garden while Patrick and I watch lazily from our chairs.. Flour and morning sun in the kitchen, making breakfast for Airbnb guests. 
I chose my autumn header again from last year instead of making a new one because it made me feel so warm and happy remembering good things that have happened and make me excited for things yet to come this season. So glad to be alive and continually experiencing life and all it's routine offerings in new ways.


  1. I'm so glad your back. You have a knack for writing inspiring things. Your autumn header makes me want to have an autumn party.

  2. so glad that you are back!....always loved visiting here and hearing
    about life on and around the farm and just love your photos!........
    soooooooo beautiful!

  3. Sometimes taking a break is the best fuel for creativity!! Love your photos and everything about this time of year! :)

  4. Loved this, Ames! So good to read your writings again and see your awesome pictures. It was lovely to see you the other week....Love you!

  5. I'm glad you're back too. The change in seasons is so refreshing and invigorating, isn't it!? Hmmm, maybe I should get back to my "running & yoga" routine as well. ;) Loooooved being at your place and seeing you again. What a good day and a good time of year. xo Oh, and your kitchen creates the best mystery/moody/homey pictures ever. Love it!

  6. Mmm.. Your pictures just give me fall fever!! So cozy and inviting. Love it. Glad you're on the "flip flop" page

  7. ...and look forward to knowing you better! {crazy iPhone wouldn't let me finish my comment above. sheesh!!}

    happy Friday!! :))


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