Week end

Even more wonderful after a lovely wk end away.
Aren't you glad there's a beginning and an end to the week?! What a wonderful thing! It feels like life flows by so constant, and no matter how many times you yell out loud for it to "stop and let me off!", it doesn't even quiet enough to listen! 
That's why i say it's imperative to take a moment at every opportunity to pause and start over again. 
It's also why i like Mondays and mornings and birthdays and new years... but that could be a whole other post in itself.

This week, instead of just a moment, i'm taking 3 days! 
How is that possible? 
Well, note that i said "taking". Usually i'd agree that it's better to give then take, but no one's gonna give you days off, especially when you don't actually have a 9-5. So I'm taking 3 days of  "winter hibernation". 
The rules are simple: no leaving the house. 
That might sound like prison to some, who knows, but not to me.

It's worth noting that it's a great husband who makes it possible for his wife to take 3 days to hibernate. He's doing chores for me and even enforcing my very own self-imposed rules. 

I'd be much more lenient with myself, ending in certain disappointment.

The job is to work on organizing and knocking out some of those winter projects i set aside for all the long days of nasty weather I've been hoping for that just hasn't happened this season.

It seems unfortunate that there's really no way you can legitimately complain about too much sunshine.

So far i'm halfway, another day and a half to go.

On a parting note, here's a little story of the week end...

After a morning of coffee and farm chores we set out for a little anniversary celebrating. A short trek through miles of cattle and fences and fields, brought us to a tiny village where Thomas Jefferson spent some time, quite some time ago (obviously), soaking in natural hot springs.  

Grey skies and a heavy mist covered over us as we got closer, making the historic mountain town all the more mysterious. 
Just a few hours from home but worlds away...

"Mr. and Mrs. Showalter..."? they greeted us. Um, yes indeed that's us.

Memorable wining and dining, and lots of relaxing...

 Talk of the future, laughing at stories from the past.

 Life is even better with the one you love...
and every ending is also a beginning.


  1. I really enjoy this post full of love. hugs

  2. 1 year!! What a reason for celebration!!! Lovely pics...enjoy your hibernating (=


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