Love in the morning

"I decided that this Valentine’s Day… it’s important to be in love with life.
I don’t even care how cheesy that sounds…because it feels good, and tastes bonkers awesome."

{ a few things on the list to love today }

a great new idea...
the smell of cinnamon coming from the coffee cake in the oven...
grey skies, a freshly organized kitchen...
cards made out of hearts and glitter and construction paper...

What's on your list to love today?
If you were thinking of spending the day bemoaning the delayed arrival of prince charming - or beating your prince because he is no longer charming you with flowers and eloquent speeches, consider an alternative. Make your own list and figure out the reasons to be in love with life!
If you're short on ideas, go read Joy the baker talk about the smell of new shampoo. Next thing you know you'll be singing in the shower trying to resist the urge to make pink doughnuts.

Never resist the urge to make doughnuts.


  1. i love this! thanks for sharing and for linking up, girl! xo

    1. ha i tried to add your button but apparently i haven't got the hang of the gadget thing yet!

  2. Amy! I just now found your blog! The other day I was thinking how cool it would be if you had a blog. Well it is cool for sure. Love your style- I like when folks think outside the box. Like adding japaleno peppers to mac & cheese:) Have a happy day!


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