When things are better then expected

  • Like this Red Velvet Cake. 
Wedding cake that traveled a thousand miles and lived for a year in the freezer.
Actually quite good for all the time and miles, and pretty too, after i stroked the icing a bit. 

  • Like marriage.
Though i will say i had much higher expectations for the marriage then the cake.
I looked up the word "glorious" in the dictionary as i was writing it on the photo, just to make sure i wasn't leading anyone astray with thoughts of perfection. 
It read:
"delightful; wonderful; completely enjoyable: to have a glorious time at the circus."
Yes indeed. 
That very much describes it. Oh my, even better then i expected.
Words that need to be written on the bathroom mirror.  
"to have a glorious time at the circus."! 
There was joy and there was pain, there was fighting. 
(Scratch "was", there still is) 
I may even have thrown some things at a dearly beloved husband. It's not something i'm proud of. 
But these past few weeks especially I've begun to see a change. 
We're learning, growing. It's painful sometimes. 
But so rewarding! 

I took a class once where the Instructor told us, 
"Never say something is INDESCRIBABLE, it's your job to describe it."
Those words have been tumbling around my head this week as we celebrate our first full year of learning what it means to be "one". It's the first time i want to go back and tell her she's wrong. There is not a single word or phrase enough. It feels like grasping for a feather in a gusty spring wind. 
I tried to tell Husband what i was feeling yesterday and oddly it came out,
br0r#$*# @ s#*&$%%. 
yep, just like that. 
I think he thought i was trying to make another fight.