It could lead you to a path... and it could be beautiful...

:: Enjoying the triumph of the first 2 loaves of bread made from freshly ground wheat grown by a farmer just a few miles down the road. so fresh, so local. SO delicious. There's no going back now.
:: Making fresh yogurt with honey and learning new ways to do it better. 
:: Excitedly awaiting my first copy of Taproot
:: Listening to the lively chatter of birds gliding through the sunshine to my window
:: Delighted to find 5 new eggs from the chickens, the very first ones they've laid for us! 
So many firsts today!
:: Learning to {love} and {be} in so many new ways... the Creator steadily chipping away... learning to respond in gratitude.
:: Going deeper, higher, with the reminders from this young beauty,

"when you get more imagination it makes you wanna go deeper in so you can get more and see beautiful-er things... if it's a path... it could lead you to a beach... it could be beautiful..."
 and the wisdom of the elder...
  "If you only open your heart and drink...Open your heart to all these blessing and let them flow through you that everyone you will meet on this day will be blessed by you... 
just by your eyes, 
by your smile, 
by your touch. 
Just by your presence. 
Let the gratefulness overflow into blessing all around you.
Then, it will really be, a good day."

be inspired to live deeper and fuller 


  1. The bread sounds delicious and local it is!
    I'm slowly learning a healthier way of living with my sister here to teach me. I'm thinking of ordering her taproot for her birthday. Thanks for the gift idea.


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