Daily Specials

The bar stools are for conversation and 
fried chicken is the still the most popular thing on the menu. 

We've only been there for lunch and last time the waitress told us 
there is a line at the door every morning at 5:30 when they open. 
Since then, Husband has been trying to get me up in time to be there for breakfast.

So far I've managed to avoid that early morning calamity.

It's only a matter of time though before i'll have to give in.
I can always be persuaded for breakfast.

Week ends are good for meandering about your neighborhood...
what gems are you finding in yours? 


  1. One of my Dad's favorite spots! [I have to admit I haven't ever been.]
    xoxo, Amy

  2. I love little neighborhood spots like that...they usually have the best food and breakfast is always best. Get up and go this weekend!

    I like this idea for a post...my neighborhood hangouts are some of my favorite places where real life always happens.

  3. The classic L & S diner! When I worked at the Thomas House I heard all the locals talk about this place. Your photos make me want to go and try it out. Have a happy weekend meandering.


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