It feels like summer after eating the first strawberries in the berry patch yesterday. I'm increasingly amazed at the great variety of things that are grown by the industrious neighbors and family around me. If you were willing to do without Fruit Loops and shop only for the basics, sugar and salt etc, a community of people could sustain themselves quite well it seems! 

I have nearly a thousand posts in my head i think. Hence the reason i haven't been writing. 
That makes sense, yes. 
Sometimes it takes awhile for me to sort through the jumble in my head. Lately my thoughts are circling around the meaning of life again.

Oh boy.

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Nothing serious. 
It's nice to notice how ideas about life grow and expand over the years. These days it's not so much a matter of, "What am i here for?", but more revisiting how to live each day fully in every stage.
That phrase can be annoying. 
it's been ringing in my ears. 
Is that possible every day? The idea can create an unattainable expectation to be exceptional ALL THE TIME.

I'm here to tell you it is not possible. I don't even want to do everything but some days you look around and everyone seems to be doing more things so much better and you start to think maybe i'm really NOT being all i can be... I should get up earlier and eat less and work harder and on and on we go. 
I'm always amazed at the way God brings conclusions for my state of mind. He always provides. 
Read "When You Feel like Everyone is Bigger, Better, Smarter… { or ‘How to be a Star'}" 
"You can give up the need to compete in the world — when you accept being complete in Christ." -Ann Voskamp 
Ahh that's such a relief! It so speaks to who i really long to be. It sets me free and fills me with peace.

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Being disciplined... do the laundry and dishes, make the bed, clean up messes... answer the phone, make beautiful food... deal graciously with the unexpected-and-out-of-my-control events... in the best possible way that i can. Serving. That's where i can be all i can, leaving the results up to God.

Mary Engelbreit
  There's more enjoyment for me when i live that way instead of comparing myself where i always come up short, feeling the stress of "being ALL i can". Life is an art, it's unscripted, we make it up as we go along. 
God was the first Artist, He created us and He knows how to make it all come together beautifully. 
That's what's on my mind today... I hope it makes sense but i don't have time to look it over too much.... i have lunch to take out to some farm help and an unexpected appointment to meet!
Live well my friends.  


  1. So crazy that you would post about this!! I just read Ann's article too and it was just what I needed. It's freeing to just BE. I'm joining you in the journey!!

  2. so inspiring... your blog is always a "happy" in my day.
    and those fruits are yours on that top pic? that is SO cool! we haven't even planted yet. :(

  3. I love Ann, and glad I discovered you. To just BE, ahhh. Thank you for your posts.


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