"Hey Momma..."

Favorite auction finds: a washtub and a very old quilt top made from feed sacks

I'm calling this one a "Mom" post... a-newsy-phone-conversation-post like i often have when catching up with my Mother who lives far away on a sun-drenched peninsula called Florida... speaking of her, Mothers Day! *mental note!*

Living in Virginia I've experienced seasons like i never have before. Moving from winter to spring and into summer here means changes in daily routines and habits, ridding the closet of the heavy winter gear, opening the windows, planting a garden, and a husband who is busy harvesting the winter rye crop, moving cattle and preparing to plant corn.

It's usually looking at photos that i notice the dramatic and subtle changes that take place from one season to the next. This is why i like to blog, journal and keep taking photos... to remember the way we were, how it felt and how we've grown. I took some time off of documenting life so much, just to see what it was like, and i really hated it. It made me feel scattered. Blogging, writing, photography etc - documenting life - is something i need to do in order to function at full capacity; it feeds the soul, reminds us to live with gratitude and gives direction for the future.
The photos in this post are all from April, just a few of the moments captured. So many good things can happen in such a short time.

This is the beginning of a new garden. I had a nice one last year but of course i had to come up with a new idea and move it! Husband made the raised beds and brought in dirt to fill them. 
He's so handy. 
I have big visions for this spot... a summer kitchen and fire pit for easy garden to table dinners outdoors, flowers and herbs and veggies growing in abundance, but it all happens one step at a time... 
The chickens were happy about the new dirt. The area around the barn stays bug free, thanks to those little ladies. Now that i'm planting things i can't let them out much. I'd like to build some new fence for them to have more room to roam.

The weather was great for our first Supper Club meal outside. Blaine's turn to cook and he decided on mountain pies. The boys men all take their turns cooking and their creativity is impressive. Eric is up this week. Last time he had a very memorable espresso-rubbed Brisket. 
oh my.
 I'm thinking maybe he should just go ahead and do that every time.

Dear Nida came to visit from Nashville. We met while working at a Ranch in Jackson, WY and then moved in together after the first summer. Now we're both back east again but I miss having her in my day to day.

I'm so glad this happened! A few aunts, cousins, uncles and my parents were here for a long wkend. We crocheted, ate food, talked and drank more coffee then you can possibly imagine. 
I was grateful that it was Better Life Coffee; at least it was all for a good cause! 

Lots of good help in the kitchen...

Kristen and Ryan

A picnic at Faith Mission Home where a cousin is volunteering with his family for a few years.

I keep a running list of projects for when my parents come to visit. They put up an old picket fence one evening that we found out at the farm where there used to be railroad ties. It looks like it's been there forever. A simple little thing that makes my world a little brighter.

Chicken stock from a bird i plucked. Yes i can butcher chickens. and no, i will not be doing this to any of mine. Those little ladies will have a long and happy life in my little white barn. 

A surprise visit from my friend Anna! Also a friend from Wyoming, she now lives in Texas and walked into my house one evening without a word of warning. I nearly lost my ... marbles. 

Friday morning bagels, a good little ritual. Don't you like how i jolly-it-up for the camera and he's zeroed in the bagel. What a good sport he is, putting up with my shenanigans.
 I've got a long way to go figuring out how to really enjoy the moment while snapping meaningful self-portraits. Any advice on that would be appreciated.

 This is a good life perspective...

A fun brunch with some wonderful girlfriends. What a good moment this is. I love the Ruby hand-motions, talking animatedly with everyone in agreement Amelia did a darn good job on all the sweet pinwheels and other decorations you see. You can read her post on it here.

Shelby held her first newborn baby without breaking him. 
That was supposed to make it sound like she broke all the previous ones.
No worries, this was the first.

 Sweet little Gavin. 
We're so excited for Daren and Sheila to have a new baby boy! He's the first baby born since I've been in the family and it's such fun to be an aunt again! Marriage absolutely has a way of multiplying joy... 
Looks like i need to post more often so it doesn't get so long! We'll keep working on that...
What are you doing today?
I'm off to bake some Candied Pecan Biscotti to dip in coffee with some friends who are coming over later tonight.
talk to you soon!


  1. How in the world do you know Kristen and Ryan?? I went to Bible School with both of them down in Georgia. Would love to see them again. Wish so bad I could've been in Virginia when they stopped in.

    1. She's my cousin! =) Hope you can make a trip east this summer!

  2. Love all the random sweet moments you captured!! And the raised gardens make me quite green with envy!

  3. Oh my, so much goodness in one post! Looks like you live in a wonderful community :)

  4. "Blogging, writing, photography etc - documenting life - is something i need to do in order to function at full capacity; it feeds the soul, reminds us to live with gratitude and gives direction for the future."
    ~so true for me too, and well said.
    i love your knack for capturing moments and creating artistic pictures: truly a gift!!


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