{in a} Bacon Onion Jam

 It's no good to get into a jam.

Unless it involves bacon.

Somehow that makes everything ok...

 This past week we took a little drive down to Savannah to taste some of Paula Dean's sweet tea, pot pie and fried green tomatoes. We had collard greens and seafood, croissants for breakfast and even found some sushi.
Did we do anything besides eat, you ask? Sure, the Fountain at Forsyth Park is lovely, the shops were fun and the beach... well, the beach was not so great, but that's because i can't help but compare it to the number one beach in the country.

By far though, the most memorable was Back in the Day Bakery.

Dearly beloved bakery, where we spent the large part of a morning and on into lunch, and of course had to have some for the road before we headed for home.
Where Women Cook magazine (on the front burner with Cheryl Day)  first introduced me to them last year and I've been using her cupcake recipe ever since.
Exceptional. It really is.
Amazing how you can take basics...
eggs, flour, butter,
and have so many different results.


Attention to detail (bringing eggs and butter to room temperature), the best "real" ingredients makes all the difference. (Why do people ever think margarine is ok?)

I brought home The Back in the Day Bakery Cookbook and i thought it might be nice to share a recipe...

 But last night i was making the Bacon Onion Jam and i realized there is a better thing to do.

Going with the "teach-a-man-to-fish" philosophy, i say, buy the cookbook.

Griff and Cheryl Day are passionate about "turning you into a fearless pie maker".

"There is a method to the magic", she says, "and it is available to everyone".

She teaches important fundamentals that help you understand each ingredients job as well as the science behind "bringing just a few simple ingredients together and creating something wonderful".

“Really great people make you feel that you, too, can become great.” -Mark Twain

That is what comes to mind for me when i think about them. Griff and Cheryl Day truly have a gift and share freely what they know and what has been given them. It's one among many things that sets The Back in the Day Bakery apart from the rest.
With their passion for community, using only the best ingredients, and baking from scratch, you can really can tell ... it's all about the LOVE ... 
Read more and buy the cookbook here
or go to Amazon.
Go forth and bake something!

( p.s. payment for writing this is simply the pleasure of talking about someone who is doing something i truly believe in... and i believe in baking with real butter... community... and love )


  1. Hey! This was the bakery featured in the magazine you gave me. So cool that you were actually there. Yea, I'm a big butter fan. Margarine reminds me of plastic. Beautiful post. I think I'll bake something tomorrow!

  2. What a lovely trip! [talk about unforgettable!] So glad you shared!
    xoxo, Amy


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