Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness

Out on the deck this morning, potting some herbs in their new homes for the summer, i was thinking of things i need to pick up at the hardware store and planning the work to be done in the garden out back today, enjoying the breeze floating by in the shade. There's something that happens in my mind when i work in the garden. It goes to a different place, maybe a deeper level of consciousness.
A blissful peace flowed through on the wind, and i breathed deeply as it suddenly came to me how wonderful it is just to be free. FREE
How crazy is it that we can drive to the store for whatever we need, whether its something fun like flowers or, not-fun, like mouse traps. 
What bliss to own a plot of dirt that i can dig in!
In the midst of my thoughts i realized what day it was, and couldn't help but laugh out loud.

Memorial Day, it is... 

I am thankful today.
I'm grateful to be free.
Even more so this morning, because it was certainly not the case yesterday. A good part the day was spent feeling like i had justifiable reasons to be upset and, even negative. Being negative doesn't feel wrong when you see it as just a simple, solid FACT. 
What started out as minor frustrations associated with the sudden heatwave, quickly spiraled into a domino effect. When the cows are out and Husband is up to his elbows in you-know-what dealing with a sudden catastrophe at the farm, it's fairly easy to let go and just take a dive deep in to the pit of blues.
When i finally came up for air, all that was left to show for it is a less then enjoyable Sunday and the lessons learned. Valuable, but not something i'd like to do again. 
Thinking about that today while i was working i was reminded that regardless of the circumstances around us, we are free. If i am free in Christ, nothing external can change that. So i guess there's no room for "logical" negativity. He can bring light into the dark days and is the true source of freedom, the only One who transcends circumstance or even government.
I'm grateful to live in the land of the free and the home of the brave, grateful for people who have fought for certain inalienable rights. But it is a privilege to be free, one i don't want to take for granted.


  1. This is beautiful, Amy! We are so blessed...physical AND spiritual freedom. I'm inspired to LIVE free!!!

  2. The older I've gotten the more I've realized that freedom is definitely one of my "core values," something I need to feel happy and fulfilled.Those little "free" moments are def. worth appreciating and make us realize how lucky we are!


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