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Teardrop trailers make my heart beat faster. I love how the kitchen opens from the outside, and if you rent one from Vacations In A Can you can add little luxuries like a stove-top espresso maker.

Farm work has settled into a calm -er routine after the spring rush of planting and fieldwork. There is still plenty to do but it's nice to settle into a rhythm of watching the corn and gardens grow. My raised beds are currently laying empty since they were invaded by wire grass so i've been getting friendly with the sprayer to kill it off and concluded that instead of being sad about my splendid visions being dashed for the year, i'm preparing a proper foundation for next year. Mistakes are made for learning and that is what a i'm doing a lot of these days.

Ah but summer... summer is good for dreaming... 
What are you dreaming about?

I'm off to hang out by the pool with friends this afternoon. Hmm, doesn't that sound dreamy! It's been a really long time since i've said that so i'll be enjoying every minute. Hope you are making time for something fun this week! ;)

all images from Sunset Magazine, unless otherwise noted


  1. so cute! i love camping...and camping in a trailer much more than camping in a tent ;)
    and now you've got me dreaming of hanging out by a pool w/ friends!!! unfortunately that doesn't really happen up here in canada :( but i can still dream!!!

    1. dream away lady! Tent camping is a lot of set-up so something on wheels really seems ideal!

  2. Ahhhh!!! Somehow I missed this post! Thanks for the link!! This darling is do sweet it almost makes me scream! -Suz

  3. Love this one too. Did you ever hear of Sisters on the fly? I met the ladies at COUNTRY LIVING FAIR in Columbus. I have a dream to buy a old one and revamp it myself.


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