First of all... check out Hopefulthings for a delightful recap of the Barn Sale! It was an overwhelming success, thanks to a good crowd and everyone who put so much energy and creativity into making it happen. 
We dreamed of doing this simply for the joy, just because it's something we are passionate about, and it was really incredible to experience everyone sharing in the beauty of collaboration.
Second... I love having a blog!
What a gift to have a place where you can change your mind any time you want... write as often as you want... 
and say what's on your mind! I won't always say everything that's on my mind. I use a filter like i use spell check! Consider yourself lucky! ha

Today, a new name and an ever-evolving look on the blog!

Life is a process,
always moving... changing... growing... expanding... and this space reflects that.

This year has been lots of learning... {not always} enjoying the process of growing differently, taking on many new roles and accepting imperfections along the way. 

   God is always moving us to go deeper with Him, never at a stand-still.

A week or 2 ago, if i hadn't been using the aforementioned filter, there would have been a post entitled OVERWHELMED.
Wallowing gets fairly miserable after awhile so, out of curiosity, and maybe the need for something different, i tried gratitude.

What a better way to love -- i meant to write live -- but love is what came out. I think that says it better! Wallowing is not loving. Thanksgiving is. 
Sometimes it looks like nothing is happening....
like a duck sitting calmly on top of the water, underneath the oceans are moving.


  1. Love the new blog look! The name fits perfectly. I hope you can rest and eat pie today:)

  2. i love your posts and your writing!!! you are a perfect mrs. brown :)
    hoping i can get in on the fun barn sale someday!

    1. Thanks girls! =) get those knitting needles clicking Parla and build up a stash for next years sale!

  3. Lovely thoughts/attitude... and pictures here, simple beauty is the best. You new header looks great! Happy Thanksgiving!
    mel ;o)
    needle and nest design

    1. er, wait.. you're American.. save that 'happy' for when you celebrate it, I'm Canadian! lol

  4. Beautiful, refreshing. The new look is perfect, so you.

    love you friend.

  5. Just stopping in from Jenny's blog to say "Hi"! I'm so happy Jenny introduced us to you :) Loved the guest post you did for her on friendship and I am loving all the inspiring pictures and delicious recipes I'm seeing here!

  6. Hi Amy! I was so excited to see your guest post on Jenny's blog and also be introduced to your lovely blog! [which I promptly entered into my 'favorites' tab :)] I feel like I know you more than I really do just from Ruth talking so highly of you. :)

    Looking forward to seeing more of you on here!


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