On a Autumn Monday

// A collection of wildly blooming sunflowers to light up the kitchen table

// Apple and Cheese Toasts from Marion Cunningham's The Breakfast Book, 
so perfect for a blissfully dreary October day.

// Sent Husband off on a farming business trip to the big city. The first time since we're married that he flew off and left me at home. It's only for a few days so it's really kind of exciting... the thrill of absence-making-the-heart-grow-fonder-or-yonder you know..

// Baked 3 loaves of french bread just to warm up the house.. i'm not sure what happens next since i don't actually have Husband around to eat it. may be a good time to be neighborly.. hm.

// Off to spend the evening in the company of a good friend, deep thoughts, new ideas and a steaming mug of tea at Barnes and Noble... not such a regular thing these days so i'm not taking this one for granted..

----- and GUEST POSTING TODAY! With the lovely Jenny from baileyandme.. I have the pleasure of knowing her personally and am always excited to see her beautiful posts, she makes decorating her home look easy and always has a way of inspiring me when i start to get blue about mine. So beautiful and so real, she's one of my favorites, and i know she'll be yours too!

Happy Monday.. hope you're enjoying warmth and good things in your corner of the world today


  1. Lovely pictures, Amy! Poignant thoughts--I would say you are thinking about what you're thinking...not just thinking. I think that is good, so as not to get on automatic pilot.

    I think it's delightful to meet a friend for talk when Hubby is gone a bit. Maybe freeze those 3 loaves of bread? You probably already have.

    Isn't it just wonderful to be able to wait on god to see what He has next for His beloved Amy? Toodles!!!

  2. What a wonderful autumn morning. Wish I were having apple and cheese toasts with loaves in the oven. Enjoy the rest of your warm, cozy week :)

  3. I love Jenny's blog. I found you through her. I think I'd like to stay around (here) for awhile, if you don't mind...I'm really liking your blog as well. I think I'm your newest follower. ;)

    You're photos are so beautiful.

  4. well, YOU inspire ME, so i guess we are at a gridlock. haha love your pictures as always-- they are prettiness, cozy, and peaceful....

  5. You're sunflowers are gorgeous... they really make your table setting pop!


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