"Blessed is the man who trusts in me, God, 
the woman who sticks with God. 
They're like trees planted in Eden, 
putting down roots near the rivers -
Never a worry through the hottest of summers, 
never dropping a leaf, 
serene and calm through droughts, 
bearing fresh fruit every season."
Jeremiah 17:6-8 the message


Sometimes there is nothing to do but rest. And trust. God is good. He is in control. He makes no mistakes.  He is near to the brokenhearted. 
It's taken weeks to push through this far and post again. I have so much to say and yet nothing. It seems impossible to write about the day to day after returning from the graveside of a beloved friend and yet, what is life if not "the daily duties and the daily bread" and to do those things well.


  1. Wow!! Can I ever relate to this, or what?

    Praying for you - along with the many, many others who are still reeling and feeling the loss (of your friend) but still clinging to the ONE who is still on the Throne.

    He is Faithful. He makes no mistakes.

  2. This is beautiful...
    It is such a strange paradox of feeling like part of me died too, and yet of wanting to live even more fully than ever before. A passion to live well, to treasure, to cherish, this life we've been given. How does all this work? How complex is life. How good is God, and how trustworthy, in all things...

    Hugs this day...

    1. I'm glad to have you Clarita, to share the grief and the joys of having known her.

  3. I needed to hear this verse today and I am so glad that God used you to bring it to me. Loss and grief are so hard, but I know that holding steadfast to HIM will bring joyful promises. Thank you for sharing this....I think I will also use this verse in an upcoming post...if you don't mind me using your version :).


    1. Of course, Julia! I've been encouraged reading some of your journey through grief as well. each day can bring a different flood of emotions and you never know quite how to prepare for them. Even now my eyes fill with tears and i had a happy happy morning! (still is..) I'm so glad for God's sustaining promises and grateful that we can share them to encourage each other through the hard times.


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