"Find yourself a cup of tea; the teapot is behind you.
Now tell me about hundreds of things."~Saki

"Tell me, what is it you plan to do
With your one wild and precious life?”-mary oliver

“That's the big question, the one the world throws at you every morning. 
"Here you are, alive. Would you like to make a comment?”
-mary oliver

|| Plenty of tea & a few delightfully grey days. A lot of sun and warmth so far this winter, which i appreciate, but the dreary days are particularly good for hibernating and tea drinking.
|| Early morning baking. Mending fences after the cows broke out. laughing at the barn cat as she begs for attention.
|| At the local Stockyard. It's always a surprise to me where i'll end up in a day. Cattle, old-timers, noise and secret eye-brow raises to indicate bidding. A real-life portrait of America.
|| Wedding planning on a coffee/birthday date with a newly-engaged friend over the weekend. In my element.
|| Sausage in muslin bags that are ready to go to the smoke house. Saturday was spent with friends butchering a hog. One of the best ways to know exactly where your food comes from is to do it yourself. A good day with great rewards.
|| Sunday waffles with maple syrup. Patrick made fresh sausage on the stove that we brought home from the day before. A meal to remember. 
|| One crazy chicken that gets out every day. She slips out in the morning through a hole near their roost. It's like she knows better but she just can't quit the habit.
She's kind of like me in that way.

I've been cutting out some "doing" to take time for more "being" in the first few weeks of this new year. I love that turning the calendar to January brings a chance to evaluate and consider "this one wild and precious life". More of the good things and less of the clutter.
Living on purpose.
I've got a lot of big ideas for this year, but i'm not making resolutions. More then doing anything... i need peace in my soul. I need God's grace. I need His love to love where i cannot. I want to rest and live in the joy of His presence and know that i can walk confidently because He is guiding every step. 
Saying goodbye to a beloved friend this past year changed so much in ways i'm still unraveling. Instead of looking at time as sand in an hourglass running out I'm beginning understand better that everything we are on this earth is for the purpose of Heaven and eternity. Instead of feeling frantic about time running out, this perspective replaces anxious "doing" with peace and offers the assurance that the passing of time is only Heaven drawing nearer. It's such a slight shift, but a new perspective that adds sweetness to the passing of days. 
Hope you're enjoying winter, taking advantage of rain and snow to cozy up to the ones you love, and living better and more fully then ever in this new year!



  1. Your photos are beautiful as ever - the post is like a happy life depicted through a voile screen of gracious industriousness.

  2. "More then doing anything... i need peace in my soul" to sister!!! it sounds like God is doing a beautiful work in your soul :) love it!

  3. This hits right at home for me... my thoughts lately with all the tragedy and cancer arising. What am I really here for? Some things that once seemed important are not so important after all... I think it boils down to making the most of what God has given us, and being content. Being content to do HIS work. With a willing heart. In the end this brings peace to my soul. The 'perfect' life we strive for ends up leaving us in a tired frenzy-- not so perfect after all. Thanks for this. Your photos are so artistic. I'll stop before I fill up the whole page.

    1. You are right, that's really what its about! So good to hear your input, don't stop! ;)

  4. Ah! I found you at last, well, that is, I've finally found your blog {thanks to your comment on mine}. I know where *you* are . . . and I was pretty sure you had one . . . but hadn't found it yet and hadn't gotten around to asking you. I *love* it so far. I'll be back to read more later and comment, I'm sure. I just glanced through your beautiful pictures now and will be back to read the words. Night!

  5. Back again. I just love how you are spending your winter thus far, and the desires in your heart. Being more and doing less. I love your thoughts on this passing minutes just bringing us closer to the REAL life yet to come! So true. I love your heart. Thanks for sharing it.

  6. What a lovely post and photos! Looks like you are enjoying cozy and warm days... :-)

  7. Love the "wild & precious" quote rom Mary Oliver. If we can't enjoy the small things in life, how can we fully engross ourselves in the big things?! -Mel

  8. Your photos are beautiful and your words are very inspiring and encouraging.
    Absolutely love those waffles..I can almost taste them....
    I look forward to more visits here!

  9. Replies
    1. Thanks lady! Looks like you know a thing or two about farming as well! ;)

  10. Love your blog! I have just spent half of the morning looking at your posts and was so surpised to see my Dad in the Livestock Sale photo (he's the one in the middle wearing the tan cowboy hat! I'm so happy I found you through Instagram and can't wait until the Barn Sale next weekend! Happy Friday :)


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