Even alone


I took my afternoon tea up to the old mill where the water comes out of a spring in the ground and wonders over a dam that was built long ago to harness it's power to operate a sawmill. The air is misty there and all other sounds melt into the roar of the water as it tumbles into the rocks below.

Back at home there's a candle burning at the kitchen table, and granola in the oven. I need to be doing laundry and making bread but i've been distracted by drinking coffee and crafting the last valentine love notes. The photo above is how my table has been looking for the past few days and its probably time to wrap it up. Tomorrow is the day after all! It's grey and raining outside. I feel lucky to be free to be about the world as i please today, and by world, i mostly mean be about the house as i please... or out to feed the chickens... or to the mailbox. and a walk by the water.
My world is quite large wouldn't you say?
It's good to be about the world... and it's really good to be home. 

My head is overflowing with thoughts and ideas pressing to get out. The effects of spending a lot more time alone during the day i guess.
I'm thinking a lot about the garden already, maybe i'll be brave and try starting seeds this year. I've been apprehensive of that before but i found a perfect spot in the potting shed where the sun shines in most of the day and it stays pretty warm.
Also there are about a hundred and three ideas for blog posts that are begging to be written.
Just a warning in case you get a caught in a sudden flood of posts describing my growing passion for the many things you can make with raw milk.

PS :: Someone [Husband] says i look like a teenager in the self-portrait above..
Isn't he the sweetest thing to think i look so young?!
On the other hand i have a lot more appreciation for those who have mastered the "selfy".. it's not as easy as it looks by golly.

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  1. How cozy!!! I love those kind of creating days...it's wonderful to just BE. Love your self portrait :)

  2. very cute selfie :) i've never quite figured it out! can't wait for the flood of posts to start rolling!

  3. Your ability to write makes me want to write. However, I cannot write like you... How about making bread soon?

  4. I'm eagerly awaiting more bloggage~especially for things to make with raw milk. Because of lack of space in our previous abode, I never really ventured far with things that had to set out or soak or, well you know, just take up room on the counter. But now I have space for soaking grains, and sour dough bread, and whatever else needs space to BE. I would also love to try cottage cheese and other cheeses. Help me? Teach me? Meanwhile, your photos here are just lovely. You should copyright them or whatever good photographers do with their works of art. Only occasionally do I think that I really should do that with mine . . . but I don't have an easy way to do it. You?

  5. This. is. beautiful.
    I love this - the enjoyment of home, the rest that is unspoken here.
    The calmness and love, the delight in life's simple beauties.
    How I love this.
    And how happy I would be if there would be an outburst of postings. :)

  6. your ps was cute. :)
    i love all your pics- so much feeling in them.
    crafting day looks like AWESOMENESS.

  7. The bouncing around the house alone does leave a lot of time for thinking. Blog away, sister! I've been thinking about my garden too, I think its about time to get started!


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