Linger a bit.

Just beginning to transition into holiday mode this week. It's been a bit slow, but I'm ok with taking my time. I so enjoyed the warmth of autumn. November had lots of travel plans, lots of climate changes, good days of learning and stretching and time with family on all sides. Yesterday was our first day back to our semi-normal routine and it felt so good! There is something so wonderful about a normal day! Even so, too many normal days and I get a bit lost and confused, so a change was most welcome and has me coming back feeling refreshed. I love celebrating Thanksgiving, it's really incredible to have a holiday that celebrates gratitude... I love the change in the air this time of year... the cold outside, the warmth inside. I love the glow of the lamp in the window, and coming in from a long walk through our little village. I love December, a month for gatherings and making and cooking and being together. I don't want to rush it by always thinking of the next thing. I'm going to decide to like each obligation and have a coffee in the afternoon as often as I can, hopefully with a neighbor or maybe even a husband.
To smile... to be present, one thing at a time. It will all get done.
Right...? I say that with dishes in the sink, and dirty laundry and maybe 143 important things to do.
Oh that's right... a normal day! And another opportunity to enjoy it. So here I go, off to grab the bull by the horns, yet again!
Hope you're getting the best of anything you get to wrestle today.


  1. Your posts are so refreshing, inspiring, and lovely.
    I love how you truly LIVE.

  2. I appreciate your photography...Just beautiful!

  3. I love when I see your posts come up in my reader thingy. I think about you so often and wonder how you are. So longing for a talk so I will call you soon. :) Love you!

    Mary Landis

    1. You always make me smile, looking forward to a good chat.

  4. Love the authentic feel to these photos. Makes you wish to be in them. :)

  5. My, your photos all look so quiet and relaxing....just love them!!
    What a beautiful farm...I love the glow of a lamp in a window too!!!!

  6. Love these photos! I can smell the smoke from the fire pit.
    And I LOVE your December approach to life that it will all get done and enjoy the moment.


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