Reason to celebrate

 On Saturday I went to an auction and came home with a stack of dishes and those pretty pink glasses. I had no intention to buy more dishes (I already have over 100 miss-matched china plates from our wedding) but I'm so glad I did. I admired them all this morning while I was washing them and just couldn't resist setting up the table to look at them. Fortunately I already had a few friends coming over this afternoon anyway, so we'll just make Monday afternoon on the 4th of August an occasion for celebration!
It's not a complete set; some are missing and some are chipped but that is exactly what makes them work in my house. I love to have even the simplest meals using dishes I love.
I really need a hutch and some bigger furniture to store things, like dishes and linens, but until I find the right one, I made do by stacking a bookcase on top of an old dresser I got from my mom's porch. I rearranged everything this morning to make room for these dishes and it's fun to see some new color in this little corner.
The arrow above is a sundial, another recent auction find that I really love. 
I've been making a big batch of blueberry muffins and Zucchini bread to have on hand for Airbnb guests that stay upstairs, and I'm just starting {slowly} into some canning. I've been enjoying the garden so much this year. It's still small and such a work in progress, but there is progress!
If all goes well perhaps I'll be back soon with a few photos of the garden. I'm off to make some cucumber sandwiches to serve on that china when the girls come over in a bit. :)


  1. Oh, when I saw your new china, my heart skipped a beat! My mother had this set, which she used for our every-day dishes. My dad and mother lived in Harrisonburg, VA so maybe you have HER dishes! I have her set of dishes that she got when she was married in 1942; her 'good' set of china. I would not have remembered the pattern of our every day dishes, had I not seen your photos. Thanks for the memories! My mother's maiden name was "Rhodes" and her family was Mennonite. I can give you more information, if you would like!

  2. I haven't checked blogs in a while and was pleasantly surprised when I saw your update. You have a natural flair for beautiful lovely! Love you and see you soon. :)

  3. Beautiful dishes! I did the same thing in my kitchen...stacked a shelf on top of a dresser, it works! ;)

  4. I have a salad plate in that same pattern! The man who owns the antique store by our house had it in his "Free" pile.
    I love your house and your decorating! I wish you would blog more often. :)
    Happy Tuesday to you.

  5. Love browsing through your blog! Those dishes! Beautiful!


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