December with the windows open

My husband went over the mountains to West Virginia to hunt a deer this afternoon and I, free of a reason to make dinner, got a wild idea to slip in and post one more time before the year is over. Yep, that makes twice this year. huu-ray! I took a few creative diversions, you might say, this year in my attempt to find balance. Some have been good, some I miss, and I'm glad to feel a bit refreshed and finding new energy again. I've already kicked in to the yearly clean-out / get-rid-of-everything mode, starting with clearing everything off the closet floor. Next the living room got my attention and I'm hoping this energy lasts on into the laundry room and ends with me unloading by the donation drop-off at the nearest thrift store. Dreaming lofty dreams again!
We had Christmas in Virginia this year since my husband put us on a every-other-year-we-go-to-your-folks rotation. I was feeling contrary and wondering who put YOU in charge anyway- oh right. Head of the household / breadwinner decided the cows must be fed. Fine. We'll stay home. And well, once I adjusted my mind to celebrating with just the two of us, it was very relaxing... even enjoyable. His immediate family is getting together this weekend so we still have that to look forward to and we were able to be together with some of them Christmas evening. We spent time with friends over the weekend, ice skating and sitting around the fireplace, and another night of too many oysters (and I'm not even sorry)... later on tonight there's family arriving from Florida. So much to be grateful for! And if we're lucky, a deer for the freezer.

Warmest thoughts and wishes to all.


  1. Warm and cozy home!! Perfect. Yes, even if the windows are open - this December!

    May the New Year bring your heart and home around more often. Love your blog!!

  2. Loved this post, dear Amy. I had to chuckle over your thoughts about Christmas every other year with your family. :) So good to see you and Patrick the other week. You're an amazing hostess and we always walk away feeling blessed. Love you!

  3. Oh, Amy, LOVE the pics of home. I've missed your writing. Never stop!

  4. Lovely, just lovely my friend- your home and your words.


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